Norwegen Part 1 (28) January 
After watching "Into the wild" I felt the urge to go back to Norway for a few weeks, so I did a bit of real trekking again this year. I went to the Hardangervidda from Oslo and around the Hardangerjökulen, passing through Finse, a remote train station in the middle of the mountains. Later I met some Norwegeans who invited me to stay at their hut on a lake in the middle of nowhere for two nights. It was quite surreal, there was nothing out there, not even a trail. Just the lake, vast plains and low clouds. The second day we caught some trouts for dinner. click for more pictures
 Norwegen Part 2 (23) January 
I spent two nights in Kinsarvik, a cute little town on the fjord and went back back to the Hardangervidda where I climbed the Harteigen for the first time. The weather on this trip was really nice, with only little rain and even some sunny evenings, quite unusual for me. At the end of my trip I went to the Troll Tunga (Troll's tongue), a large rock sticking out into the 400m drop to the surface of a huge lake. I spent a couple of hours there enjoying the incredible view and my shaky knees ;-) click for more pictures
 Stubaital Part 1 (27) February 
Despite of my trip to Norway I still had to go to the Alps if only for one week this time. I decided to do the Stubaital-circuit again, because it is a classic hike for one week and easy to reach. It was actually the first time I was doing the circuit in its full length from the Stakenburger hut to the Innsbrucker hut. The weather was quite sunny most of the time, and I could climb a lot of summits on the way. click for more pictures
 Stubaital Part 2 (26) May 
Climbing the Große Trögeler was one of the highlights of the trip because it offers great views of the close glaciers. Then I had a full day of rain, with even some snow in the morning after. So I had a long day of rest before coming back down to Neustift where I had started a week earlier. On the way down I found - almost as usual - lots of mushrooms to take home. click for more pictures