Geigenkamm (16) August 
I went from Habichen at the very beginning of the Ötztal to the Neue Rüsselsheimer Hütte. I actually planned on climbing the Hohe Geige and then continuing to the Braunschweiger Hütte on the Mainzer Höhenweg but as you will see, it started snowing heavily, so I had to postpone that last part. Nevertheless I had some great days to get in shape. I brought my tent but only used it in the first night because it was raining too much. click for more pictures
 Hochstubai (60) August 
This week I met up with two friends of mine - Andreas and Helmut to repeat a wonderful trip in the high mountains of the Stubaital I had already done in 2003. The highlights would have been the summits of the Zuckerhütl, Wilder Pfaff and Wilder Freiger but due to the bad weather and lots of snow we were happy to make the Zuckerhütl. The hiking was hard as we were often the first ones trying to find the trail in knee-deep snow. On the glaciers navigating was quite difficult as we were often in thick fog. One day we even had to turn back. "Where there is a will there is a way" - became the title of this week. click for more pictures
 Verwall (40) August 
After a day of rest I went to the Verwall. The weather was improving, the snow melting and I was cruising through these beautiful mountains, doing the "Verwall Runde" backwards, climbing the Hohe Riffler at the end. I really enjoyed the Georg-Prasser-Weg on the ridge of some mountains and spending the night alone at a tiny cabin, called the Kieler Wetterhütte, at 2800m. click for more pictures